I don’t play to the gallery

By Rep. Bamidele Salam

To those who assume that the radical views I express on issues is playing to the gallery, I do hope you are not trying to paint every other person in your own colour.

I am in my fifties by the grace of God. I was expelled from the University in my final year some 30 years ago for daring the military and fighting a cause of liberation for my generation of students.

You may just do a little background check on me. My positions on several national issues are well documented since I got into public office. Two of my published books: Ten kings, one servant ( 2007) , God’s manifestos for politicians ( 2009) contain my thoughts on Politics, governance and Nigeria.

My motions and contributions on the floor of the House of Representatives can be viewed on my personal website www.bamidelesalam.com and on YouTube.

Earlier this year when I spoke against voting a sum of 37 billion Naira in the 2020 budget for the rehabilitation of the National Assembly complex, I got called several names even by some of my colleagues. A few moths after, Corona came and made a nonsense of that budget. We were forced to review that sum to 9billion or so. I did not go on air to shout “I told them so”.

I do not lay claim to any perfection of thoughts or conduct and I don’t play to the gallery. I don’t have any cause to.

My desire is that Nigeria prospers for this and the future generation. I know there are others in the political space who share the same desires and do hope we will get it right very soon.

If you think everyone in political leadership is a devil, then please come and join so that we can at least have one angel in our midst.

I pray again that God bless Nigeria!

I represent the fantastic people of Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore and Ejigbo federal constituency of Osun state in the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja

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