International Widows’ Day: Let us support widows and other vulnerable people

As a society, we are supposed to be protective of such vulnerable people as widows. The loss of a spouse brings pain that may financially, socially and psychologically affect a person, thereby making them unable to live normal lives.

In supporting this class of the society however, we need to first passionately review our sociocultural practices that threaten their peace. Families of deceased partners must be encouraged to treat the widows with dignity and desist from the malicious ways they often get treated and blamed for the death of the partners.

We also must encourage government at all levels to make laws and policies that will deliver social security to every class of the vulnerable, including widows. This must include welfare packages and laws against social stigma as they often face.

As individuals, we must also not forget that our society is as strong as her weakest links. We must therefore rise up to support widows by providing material, psychological, financial and spiritual support to them so that they can weather the storms that often come with widowhood.

Within the limits of my available resources, I have resolved to continually work with relevant stakeholders, to empower widows and other vulnerable people and help reintegrate them into the society.

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