My Visit to Abdulmalik Yusuf, a young fish farmer in Ejigbo

For weeks, I ruminated on the idea of engaging our young people in the Agricultural sector and its vast value chain. I discovered that the Fish Farming industry is a viable sector we can look at to create jobs and stop the huge importation of fish into the Nigerian market.

So, I visited a young man in Ejigbo, Osun State who is doing brilliantly in his fish farming business. He hatches his own fries, grows them into fingerlings and fattens them for the market.

It was a learning experience for me as I got deeper understanding of Fish farming

This young man, Abdulmalik Yusuf, a graduate of LAUTECH, is one of the young men I will be looking to work with to build capacity in other young people. His kind gives me renewed hope in the capacity of the Nigerian youth.

If we make laws and implement policies that will help the likes of Malik, Nigeria will save the over 60 million dollars we spend annually on fish importation and reverse this trend that makes us the 4th largest importer of fish in the world!

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