Rep. Salam celebrate Oyinlola @70

Oyinlola is an epitome of vaues – Bamidele Salam

I join millions of friends across the globe to celebrate one of the best princely endowments we have around this part of the world, Prince Olagunsoye Ashola Oyinlola.

Happy 70th birthday to my first mentor in Political leadership, a prince of many angles, a man who epitomises some of the best of our values in Yorùbá land.

You have never at any time, exhibited any traits of accidental leader. You are a born and bred prince, who will not mix originality with political exegesis, no matter how excruciatingly expedient. You are a father figure!

I am and will continue to be proud, anywhere in the world, to say meeting you, knowing you and drinking from your very deep well of wisdom has been a very big blessing to me and one that I will never take for granted, never!

Congratulations Sir and praying God grants you greater grace for impact on humanity!

Bamidele Salam
Ede South, Ede North, Egbedore, Ejigbo Federal Constituency,
Osun State.

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